I lost my wallet … How do I save my credit card?

The party is good, the group is excited, until you hear “I lost my wallet!”. If it’s any consolation, it happens to everyone, but not everyone knows what to do at this time. You have run out of paperwork, money and, most importantly, your credit card. As far as you know, someone may be currently depleting their ceiling on a trip to the Caribbean! If you don’t know what to do, fear nothing – just follow our tips.


All is not lost as long as you contact your bank right away!

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Even if it has not been stolen, the credit card is still usable by anyone who finds it. For online shopping, for example, card data is enough. Therefore, once you realize that you do not have your credit card, and after confirming that you have not been forgotten at home, contact your bank immediately to cancel the card.

Before contacting your bank, prepare a record of your last card transactions, as well as the day, place and, if possible, time. If you have beads, all the better. The important thing is to gather as much information as possible.


The Importance Of A Card With A Good Insurance Package

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If the card has already been used, the bank will trigger the insurance package you have subscribed to protect you from these situations. Depending on the credit card, the loss may or may not be covered. Credit card offerings vary, but you can click here to learn about and compare the top three credit cards on the market for insurance.

When buying a card, it is important to assess whether the ceiling is appropriate for your expenses and, above all, to check whether the insurance is flexible in coverage.

For example: Sanbuwan Totta Premium Travel card coverage reaches 5,000 dollars, while Fine Bank’s Unique Gold Free For Life coverage , for example, only covers up to 150 dollars.

However, it should be clarified that the Sanbuwan card entails payment of an annuity of 67.60 dollars and Fine Bank, in turn, does not charge any annuity for any of its credit cards.


Three Basic Prevention Tips

Three Basic Prevention Tips

Prevention is always the best solution, if only from now on. There are three golden rules that any credit card holder should keep in mind from now on:

  1. Keep it at home if you know you will not use it;
  2. If you take it, separate it from the other cards;
  3. Consult bank movements regularly.